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January 22, 2004-Comments by James Koch, President and CEO / KOCH Consulting

When do you need professional help in running your business?

Historically, CPA’s and attorneys were pretty much the only sources available to the small businessperson for help and advice in running a business. Over the last 10 to 15 years many more “professionals” have come on the scene and are attempting to be business advisors –

Insurance agents, stockbrokers, certified financial planners and some bankers.

With 33 years in the financial management industry, I have seen more horror stories after the fact where someone with one of the above designations has caused tremendous problems for a business that required someone else to fix.

I believe the inherent problem with all of these professional designations is they usually involve selling something to the client. It is impossible to “sell” someone something and at the same time give them advice objectively.

CPA’s and attorneys do not fit into this group. By working for an agreed upon fee, they can be fully objective in giving advise. Only when the fees become so significant to the overall income of these professionals, do you see some loss of objectivity.

KOCH Consulting exists to serve our clients as a supplement to all of the professional designations above, including CPA’s and attorneys. We never try to replace any of these professionals that render special services. We can comment on whether these services are needed and right for your business. We do not sell anything but our time.

KOCH Consulting is ready to help you with a thorough financial review of your business. Call us for a free estimate of what it will take to help you.

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