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May 10, 2005-Comments by James Koch, President and CEO / KOCH Consulting

Benefits of Our Business Survey

We often run into small business owners who are so frustrated with their business operations and have reached a point of wanting to give up. In most of these cases, the business owner has gotten little or no help from the professionals who perform various compliance services for them.

Our answer is always the same. What they need is an independent source to advise them as to what needs to be done. KOCH Consulting is in the business of providing this service. We are independent. We do not perform services that require us to give third party assurance of the financial condition of the business. We leave this to the CPA's and attorneys. We do not do attest function work. We can be objective and an advocate for our client.

One product we offer is our Business Survey. We perform two days of field work, usually two to three days of office work and deliver a written report to the client. This report includes a list of procedures we performed, problem areas we discovered and recommendations as to how to correct these problems. Our recommendations are practical solutions that work. We do not waste the client's time with canned soutions you can find in any business textbook.

We do not fix the problems. We leave this to the client to decide what to do next. We do offer to extend our services to implement our recommendations. This extension of our services is done only after we have prepared and delivered to the client a detailed engagegment letter that explains the services we will provide and the cost.

The only obligation to the client at this point is to pay us for the business survey, which generally runs $600 plus expenses (for out of town clients). This fee represents approximately 30-35 hours of work. At $20 per hour or less, this product is affordable by most small businesses. The truth is that most of them cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

If we can provide this service for your business, call us at 800-513-8908 or use the Contact Us tab on this website and send us an e-mail. We will respond immediately.


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