“Noodles” A Family Comedy!

May 11, 12 & 18, 19

Doors open at 6:30pm, dinner is served at 7pm.

Ned is the 30-ish son of Ma and Pa Boodle whose efforts to introduce girlfriends to his family don’t turn out very well. His family is somewhat “colorful”-his mother is a June Cleaver type at her homiest; his father is pretty clueless his grandpa manages a cat (rescue) house; and his sister Lulu is a hypochondriac with an equally germ-o-phobic boyfriend, Luke. Also there’s the ever-helpful Jack, who resides in a cardboard appliance box in the middle of the Boodle living room, and the neighbor, Mrs. Doodah-Doodah. But Ned’s latest introduction of a lady friend to the family is different. Elaine sees what few others see in the family Boodle. Why? Ned was once a close part of this daffy bunch, perhaps even a little daffy himself at one time. But something has changed him. Can Elaine help? Can Ned help his family cross over into his world?

Tickets Include:
Drinks, Appetizers, Main Course, Dessert, Coffee!